About Us

With an ever-expanding scope of work which now includes hospitality programming, design architecture, FF&E design and procurement, Iswari Interior is simultaneously defining a new era of luxury interiors.

Perfectly situated at the intersection of maturity and evolution, Iswari Interior’s growing portfolio is a testament to our ability to overcome business challenges with emotive design solutions.


Iswari Interiors Studio is the fresh iteration of Indonesian designer Venusia Marfianty, she has 16 years of experience creating extraordinary interiors. Driven to creating unforgettable design, Iswari Interiors has cultivated many projects based on partnerships with the world’s prominent hotel brand, resorts and restaurant groups, development companies, and top developers.


We have 16 years experience working on five star international hotels and high luxury residential or apartment. We offer a complete package of designing and sourcing luxury furniture, lighting and accessories. This includes writing specifications to meet commercial and contract standards.

Our portfolio is available on request; please get in touch to see how we can help you with your project. As a subsidiary of your FF& E hotel development team, we are here to help you with the following.

• Source concept imagery to explain design direction
• Source suitable FF&E and develop bespoke designs,including artwork packages,
• Prepare itemized budgets,
• Write specifications to appropriate commercial and operator standards,
• Review shop drawings for bespoke lighting and furniture,
• Review seaming and weaving plans for bespoke carpets
• Write room matrices, and keep them updated with developments in planning

• Liaise with external purchasing agents and review purchase orders and program.
• Attend meetings, take minutes and discuss FF&E development with client
• Oversee installation on site and review finish with contractor
• Program skills include Specified Designer, Estimation Costing, Photoshop, In Design, Microsoft Excel, basic Sketch up, basic AutoCAD, basic furniture constructions drawings.



Design may be what we do, but our real success comes from a passion to inspire—our clients, anyone who walks into one of our spaces, and our own team. We believe in empowering our people to explore, to push the envelope, and to have fun with design.

Our success relies on a profound desire to craft how people feel in our spaces – not just simply what they see. That emotion and connection is what we chase, and by integrating talent from all over the world, we achieve it


Driven by a passionate curiosity in the human experience, and believing that a sense of wonder and discovery are key to the creation of meaningful environments, Iswari Interior creates luxurious design experiences that are warm and timeless—but also surprising and dramatic.


Our unique approach combines our clients’ business needs with unparalleled design solutions that will yield emotive, functional, humanconscious, beautifully designed interiors.


We bring stories to life in a way that takes the visitor on an emotional journey through space. Our holistic approach, in which no detail is overlooked, instills our projects with purpose and beauty in equal measure.


We are inspired by the world of design. Support, research, and systems are our main passion!

At Iswari Interior, we bring spaces to life for many of the world’s most iconic luxury brands or designer’s driven furniture, textiles, rugs, lighting, art works and other products. Our spaces are tactile, layered and immersive. We have established our reputation through storytelling and concept driven designs. Together, we do more than interior design. We think beyond our spatial limitations; we imagine the shared experience. Together, we fashion exciting, awardwinning and time-tested spaces.

At Iswari Interior, we take pride in continually stretching our innovation muscles to deliver unique designs for each project. Our in-house libraries are crucial resources in our ability to translate design concepts into reality. As our Curator and Content Specialist we take our pride in being a collaborative team member through maintaining and evolving our resource libraries and supporting the Customer development & design process.

We have many things and a great way to express our multiple talents in sourcing capabilities and we are well known with our dynamic team.

Lets us turn your visions into reality!
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