Akribeia Interior

Akribeia EPG is a design, specifier and service provider company establish in Singapore, with our custom made furniture and metal manufactories situated in Indonesia.


Our group is specialized in product design, Interior design, custom upholstery, wooden and metal furniture fabrication, custom paneling and metals structures fabrication and modular living. We manufacture and supply interiors for new or refurbish projects in hotel, residential, commercial, medical and retailers worldwide, providing services in architecture, engineering, hospitality and property worldwide.

We are specialize in rapid modular housing, commercial, residential and medical buildings, furniture and equipment, with the ability to supply our clients with effective cost and budget, direct from ourĀ  manufactures and joint venture with our Asian manufacturing partners. Akribeia is dedicating to providing one of the best quality and assured modular and equipment to countries around the worldwide. Our management teams have more than 20 years of experience and local insight, with our best designers, engineers, architects and skill craft-mans, we delivery quality product and services to our customers worldwide, our services includes from design specifications, engineering, package ID, estimation, mock-up, production and shipping.

Completing more than 200 projects worldwide, our credibility and approach is infused with creativity and pragmatism, focused on bringing stories to life in the built environments, creating experiences that result in significant value for all of our partners and customers.