Iswari Interior - Premier Custom Hospitality Furniture in Indonesia

We are provide all our Hospitality customers with our ability to create bespoke designs, make modifications and value-engineer are our best-selling capabilities and well known has put Iswari Interior on the hospitality map.

“Your hotel should reflect of your brand, your guests and be able to serve the needs of the locals who live nearby your hotel.“

- Venusia Marfianty

We understand your need

Iswari Interiors always trying to create the designs to make all travelers or hotel guests are feel welcome and invited. We also try to create the pattern of designs that people walking down the street feel invited to stop and come enjoy the lobby or bar, restaurants, spa etc.

We are here to create beautiful furniture that combines functionality with the captured essence of your hotel unique style.

Our goal is to create the bespoke design, which will make most of hotel guests have the memorable feeling while visit the hotel.
Now we can bring your own hotel unique style into your hotel interior space with our Custom Designs, custom furniture makers Iswari Interior & team.